Our Background

Vision Composite Solutions Ltd was started by Rob Lipsett in 1981 building one-off racing yachts. Chris Symons and Jonathon Howe took over running the company over in 1992, with Rob Hunter joining as a director in 2019.

Rob has brought his vast engineering experience to Vision, having worked in the aerospace industry for 25 years and the renewables sector for 10 years.

Vision has extensive boat-building experience and has successfully made over 20 race winning one design yachts.

From this success, the company then moved on to making composite components, mainly in the renewables industry, manufacturing parts for wind turbine manufacturers such as NEG Micon, Vestas, GE and LM power blades.

We have supplied over 20,000 parts for the wind turbine manufacturer Vestas for their production runs of their V126 and V110 turbines.

We also have helped them develop their processes and components by our unique ability of intimately understanding our customers’ requirements and having the skills from pencil sketch idea to CAD modelling, making moulds and producing the customers idea become reality

We have also supplied over 20,000 parts for Vestas. V126 and V110 return flanges and many other components from production to unique projects.

Vision Yachts is proud to be a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standard qualified company.

The company has extensive experience in composite engineering in working with epoxy, polyester, infusion, pre preg andmore. We also have extensive experience in mould manufacture & repair techniques.


Our Team

We currently employ full-time operators. Flexible workforce able to accommodate more operators quickly on a short-term basis.

Vision staff have been working with Vestas and MHI for 17 years approx. Therefore know their rules and procedures.

Mutli skilled with experience in boat construction, blade lamination, tool & component manufacture, test piece manufacture, strain gauge installation, kitting/stitching, CNC routing and composite repair.

Very flexible workforce. Can work singularly, as part of a team or as team leaders. Team leaders can train operators and monitor progress.


What we do

We have a skilled workforce that can help in various roles. These can be employed through us in a subcontracting basis at your facility. We have number of operators highly skilled in producing detailed composite structures, tools and test pieces.

We can design and build tools.and part from concept to production. We also can also carry out build to print projects where the design is fixed.

We have experience of kitting both glass fibre kits and consumables with full traceability. We have helped kit these parts for various wind turbine manufacturer’s to a large scale.


Our Workshop

Vision recently moved in to a new factory giving us better control of our environment to produce high quality composites.

We also have CNC capability, heated presses, high temperature ovens and a 13m vacuum integral table.

We have everything required and the capacity to produce high quality composites tools and components.


Our Work


Our Customers

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