From the initial concept and helping with the first steps to your ideas, we can help along the way.

Our very experienced design team can help take ideas to the next level. Producing CAD models and then creating the required drawings and programs to enable manufacture.

We can also help you through gate reviews with customers and achieve your targets.

Our USP is to take concepts to reality, we gave to experience and skills to help.

We can advise on component and tool design and have the skills to make them a reality.

We offer laboratory test pieces manufactured and tested with one of our close partner companies, APD.


Vision recently moved in to a new factory giving us better control of our environment to produce high quality composites.

We also have CNC capability, heated presses, high temperature ovens and a  13m vacuum integral table.

We have everything required and the capacity to produce high quality composites tools and components.


We have a skilled workforce that can help in various roles. These can be employed through us in a subcontracting basis at your facility. We have number of operators highly skilled in producing detailed composite structures, tools and test pieces..

We can also design and build tools and part from concept to production. We also can also carry out build to print projects where the design is fixed.

We have experience of kitting both glass fibre kits and consumables with full traceability. We have helped kit these parts for various wind turbine manufacturer’s to a large scale.


Vision has been in transition from experienced yachts builder to aerospace level production. This has required quality standards to be raised. Each part or tools is issued with a report recording material batch numbers, method and timings if required.

We have an onsite quality manager  and team who know the importance of the quality system installed. We have also just renewed our ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality qualifications.


With our new facilities and skilled team, we can produce one off bespoke tools and parts or set a production line of parts. We.have produced over 30,000 parts for an international wind turbine firm.

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