Manufacture of out of autoclave composites, rapid prototyping tools for trials and test specimens.


We can offer rapid prototyping facilities to the car designer with a world beating turnaround times.

Building and Construction

Manufacture of epoxy or polyester beams, trusses, walkways, and bridges in any composite material. We are also involved in the design and production of a solar car charging station.


We have a long tradition of building yachts and boats.

We can provide moulds for one-offs or components for serial production.

Mould Tooling

Whether serial production composite tooling or one off prototyping this is where we excel.

Renewables energy: being a major subcontractor of staff and skills to the wind turbine industry for 20 years give us an excellent insight to the industry.


We produced a batch of door-opening hooks to help hospital staff stop the spread of Coronavirus during the pandemic. 

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